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Learn to DJ for your MOVEMENT CLASSES -
from absolute beginner to creative brilliance

"Fab, brilliant.... lovely and clear" -Sue Rickards, 5Rhythms® teacher, UK

Are you teaching movement classes?
5Rhythms? Ecstatic dance? Movement medicine? Soul motion?
Are you using a laptop or tablet to DJ your music?
Want to get better at that?

"Your tutorials have changed my mixing practice. Learned some super basic things that I didn't know that completely increased my confidence and promoted new risk taking. Really. They are that good."
-Anne Marie Hogya, 5Rhythms teacher, Canada

"I have benefitted enormously from Adam Barley's knowledge and expertise in the field of combining the musical ear with the electronic mind. If it wasn't for him I would still be a babe in the woods when it comes to Traktor. His tuition is mind opening, it answers many questions, and Adam's language is easy to understand."
Tom R. Schulz, 5Rhythms Teacher, Germany

Unlike all the other how-to-DJ videos out there, these are designed for movement teachers rather than for night-club DJ's.

  • The style of learning is friendly, step by step, and down-to-earth. No techno-machismo!
  • Absolute basics for those of you who simply want to go through a playlist, to mix from one track to another at any point, and pre-listen to tracks through headphones
  • Learn professional DJ skills when you're ready
  • Settings you can download: automatic Traktor set up to suit your level of skill
  • Choose your gear from headphones to speakers and software to soundcards. What do you need? How do you wire it all up?
  • The videos are in 3 sections so you can choose the right package for your level of experience.

We're so sure you're going to find these tutorials a huge boost to your DJ skills, that all packages come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee: if you’re not totally happy with the tutorial, you can have a complete refund, no questions asked

"Adam is a Traktor-wizard and masterful DJ. His enthusiasm for teaching from his own rich experience is infectious."
-Bettina Rothe, facilitator of conscious movement and embodiment practices, Canada

ALL packages include these free extras:

  • Printable sound-check guides
  • Printable list of stuff you’ll need, both essential and optional
  • Settings files for Traktor, the world’s leading DJ software, automatically setting up all the preferences to suit you as a movement teacher (there are two to choose from: one for beginners, one for more advanced use).
  • Extra video with guidance on how to get help if you run into problems
  • Printable practice notes for each video
  • Useful links

"Adam is a dynamic catalyst in human form with a strong holding presence. He has been doing this for longer than most and really understands the range of technicalities, creativity and awareness required to create and hold a 5Rhythms or other conscious dancefloor."
Christian de Sousa - 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine teacher, London UK

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in each section:


  • Choosing your software
  • Choosing your gear (soundcard, microphone, controllers, speakers, cables, adaptors etc)
  • How to connect up your stuff
  • How to keep your music clear and organised
  • Setting up your software, soundcard etc


  • DJing made simple - you can do it!!
  • How to get the most out of your headphones
  • Getting the most out of your browser
  • How to use your sound system, getting volume levels right etc (includes complete how-to guide on setting up and sound-checking a sound system)


  • Customising your software
  • Loops and cues
  • Basic beatmatching
  • Mastering beatmatching
  • Harmonic mixing
  • Remix decks and samples
  • Towards creative mastery

"Adam's video tutorials contain all the necessary technical info to have a sense of confidence and reassurance when holding space."
-Jonathan Horan, director of 5Rhythms Global, USA


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