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About DJ4movement

DJ4movement was born out of years of being asked questions by my colleagues on anything from how to import playlists to what soundcard to buy, plus hearing in other people's sets that most people DJ-ing for movement classes are not using their gear to anything like its full potential.

I’ve been DJ-ing for 5Rhythms classes since 1993, and using Traktor since it's early days in the early Noughties. I know my way around every bit of it, and I've put pretty much everything I know into these videos. Hope it’s fun learning, and that you have a great time taking your classes to the next level!

About Adam

It would be fair to say that life began when I found Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms in the late ’80s. I didn’t look back. By the end of 1993 I’d begun to teach her work, which I now do all over the world. Check out my other site if you’re interested.

I started out DJing using cassette tapes! For real! From there I went on to CDs and minidiscs, which eventually became unsustainable, carrying around a large suitcase of plastic. In 2003 I began to experiment with early versions of Traktor, which is when it started to get really fun.

I love using my laptop to DJ - it gives me the potential to truly create my own musical landscape for workshops, layering tracks together with loops, filters and samples in ways that are unique every time. Music is magic.

Thank you...
.... to Sangeet Portalski, who first showed me how to use a mixer - you were the start of the tracks on this road. To Ron Hagendoorn, Bettina Rothe, David Juriansz, Sue Rickards, Tom Schulz, Christian de Sousa, Cynthia Kennedy for invaluable feedback and ideas. Jonathan Horan for stepping forward and extending hands. Ivor, for kicking it all into touch. To my wife Lorca, and the kids, for letting me spend so much time in the office to get this out there. And to Gabrielle Roth, without whom none of this would be happening.