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1. I've registered but haven't received my confirmation email. 
Then it's probably been spam-trapped. Check your junk mail folders. If you can't find it there, please contact Amanda at and she'll sort you out. 


1. I can't access the videos - what can I do?
The video streaming service supports all major browsers: Internet Explorer 9 and later, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If you are using a browser not on that list and are experiencing difficulties viewing the videos, try to view them using one of the major brands. In addition, many stock mobile browsers have spotty video playback support - using a browser app from a major vendor might help, as well as viewing videos from your desktop or laptop.

If you still cannot get the videos to play, let us know and we will do our best to help you out!

2. The videos take a long time to buffer / there is stuttering
Depending on your location and the quality of your Internet connection, videos may take longer to stream or initialize (buffer). Give them some time and also do not forget that you can skip forward to any part of the video using the bookmarks below it or manually adjusting the progress bar!

In case you are unable to watch the videos due to extreme slow speed or a similar issue, let us know.

3. The picture is rather blurred - how can I see it sharper?
Sorry, this is a limitation resulting from the compression of the videos so that they're able to be streamed to you at a reasonable speed.

4. The videos keep stopping.
The speed of your internet service is too slow. Try moving closer to your router if you're on wi-fi, and turning off any other devices that are sharing your internet connection. You may need to contact your internet service provider to test the speed of your connection - the files are not very big, and most internet connections should be fine to access the content without problems. If you have tried everything and still cannot watch the videos properly, please contact for help. 

5. I can't use bookmarks!
First, ensure that the video was initialized by pressing the Play button. Once the video is playing, try using the bookmarks again.

Also, if your browser is older or doesn't support the native video formats the streaming service is using, it will revert to the Flash method of playing videos, which doesn't support range requests. This means it has to load (buffer) up to the point the bookmark is pointing at before you can skip to it. Using a newer or more compatible browser such as Chrome or Firefox should solve the issue.

6. Videos are not showing - I am getting a DivX plugin error
Some older versions of popular browsers, particularly Chrome, come bundled with a DivX web player plugin which unfortunately overwrites code on the page in an attempt to display the video using the plugin instead of our HTML5 player. Disabling the plugin is recommended, since it serves little purpose as most modern sites are built around HTML5 or Flash video streaming.

For Chrome browser, you can disable the DivX plugin by:
a) Updating your browser. Older versions of Chrome had this plugin activated by default, but newer versions do not have it at all.
b) Disabling the plugin manually by typing "about:plugins" and "about:extensions" in the address bar (without quotes). Find references to DivX plugin and check them off.


1. Can I get any further help with using Traktor? 
No, sorry, Adam is not offering any kind of coaching beyond what's in the tutorials. See the "Help!" introductory video for other ideas though. Chris Boylan is offering support around choosing what equipment to buy - details in the Resources section.

2. I can see you're using a Mac - will the videos still be relevant for me if I'm using Windows?
No problem at all. There are one or two specifics where you'll have to work out your Windows equivalent action, but hardly any. 

3. I'm not using Traktor - are these videos still going to be relevant?
To some extent. All the tutorials are based on Traktor, but in fact almost all the features we work through are present on all other DJ software too, so it's just a matter of learning where the contols are on your own system. However, it's simply the case that Traktor is streets ahead of all other software, and the tutorials show you how to use it in a very simple way. I'd recommend that you start off with Traktor, do the learning curve with the help of the tutorials, and you'll be so glad you did. However, if you're sure you want to use another brand of DJ software, go ahead and purchase the tutorials, and if you're not satisfied remember you've got a 30-day money back guarantee. 

4. Can I share my purchase with other people?
Please don't do this - encourage your friends to buy their own copy! If you do share your username and password with other people, your account will be blocked.